While we have to be apart we can still meet together – find details on this page about Engine Room by Zoom and 1:1 chats with Barrie and Kate. Use the form at the bottom of the page to sign up and get involved.

One To One

During this time we are offering young people the opportunity to receive a call from members of the illuminateStroud Team Barrie Voyce (The Door) and Rev Kate Stacey (Stroud Team Ministry) are available during the week if you would like to get in touch for a more involved discussion or just a catch up. Click below to book.


We will be replicating our usual programme, with a lunchtime group each Wednesday at 1:30pm and a Sunday Evening Engine Room at 6:30pm
Each group will have a chance to catch up as friends, worship and pray together.
They are open to any young person aged 11-18, so please feel free to share with friends and other families in your churches.
There will always be a minimum of 2 adults online in each group.
If you would like to join one or both of these groups, please fill in the form below, and we will send you all the details with a link to the online group
Virtual illuminate Sign Up
Ground Rules
Before our groups you will receive an email which will have a link in it for our meeting. This is different for each session so make sure to keep an eye on you inbox. Please email if you have not received this. illuminateStroud is a Christian initiative, and whilst you don't have to be a Christian to join the group, we will be talking openly about faith, Jesus and there will be prayer. To make sure we all get the most out of these meetups we will have the following ground rules. - I will be prepared to participate fully in these groups - If needs be I will find a quiet space on my own, to join in from - I will be respectful to all the other participants and leaders - I will ensure I am not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs during the meetings - I am aware that use of explicit or swear words are not permitted and the leaders reserve the right to evict or block users if warnings are ignored.