A young woman stands on a cliff top with her arms wide and looks towards a blue sky with wispy clouds

Who am I….?

As we start the new school term, our theme between now and Christmas is identity ...
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A large gathering of multi-racial young adults at a protest on the streets of a city. In the centre a woman holds a large sign on which the words "If you are not angry you are not paying attention" have been painted

Standing Up

Last week I was in Archway School doing some “curriculum enhancing” sessions with year 9 ...
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I Love September

I love September. I love the late summer sunshine, the rain and wind. I love ...
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From September 2021, we are running full programmes of Engine Room and within Archway and Thomas Keble schools.
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Prayer Spaces Online

illuminateStroud presents reflection and prayer activities you can do at home to help you connect with God wherever you are.
Check out our YouTube channel - illuminatestroud.org.uk/youtube
Most of these videos are based on ideas and resources produced by Prayer Spaces In Schools