Christian young people often feel isolated and alone, believing that they are in a significant minority, however research in 2016 showed that 13% of 11-18 year olds could be regarded as “practicing Christians” whilst a further 28% were described as “non-practicing Christians.”

Furthermore Christian young people often fear that they will be judged as narrow-minded or bigoted by their peers. The research also shows that the majority of non-Christian young people think Christians are Fun, Generous, Caring, and Friendly. Less than 8% think they are narrow-minded, boring or pushy. (

illuminateStroud helps them overcome these fears and think differently about their role within their school community.


In Archway we run a lunchtime group on Tuesday in F5 – students can bring along their lunch! We discuss how we can be light in the school, doing positive actions to shift the culture. The group is open to young people with or without a Christian faith, but does include Bible stories and prayer (as well as games, food and fun!)

We are working with the RE department to provide interactive lessons at the end of each teaching module for years 7-10. This includes Prayer Spaces, Q&A sessions with local Christian Activists, Debates, and Art Workshops